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    Wind Solar Hybrid Home Systems

    This is a system which combines free energy from the sun and wind to support a home setup in case of power failure or in off grid areas. Using two different sources of energy,  this system can charge the batteries very fast and can easily run appliances during the day with out depending on the power stored in the batteries, at night the wind turbine is active providing more power to support the batteries.

    solarProduct features.

    • Generates power even at low speeds.
    • Most advanced panel technology.
    • The batteries are deep cycle gel batteries. They can with stand high discharge and provide smooth flowing current to the user. They have a longer lifespan compared to lead acid batteries.
    • Its controllers are intelligent to prevent overcharging and over discharging the batteries. They provide smooth flow of current to and from the batteries.
    • The wind turbine controller has over current protection which protects the battery from blowing in case of high current from the turbine.
    • The inverter is pure sine wave with over load protection.

      Saku Business Park


     +254 (0) 700 128 141


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