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    Solar Street Lighting

    Its with the ever increasing need for security lighting and the growing concern for low maintenance and cost effective lighting on walk ways, perimeter walls and drive ways that prompted us at Plenser limited to supply and install solar security lighting that is affordable, low maintenance and long lasting.


    Solar wind hybrid system combines free energy from the sun and wind to generate electricity guaranteeing the user continuous use even when one source is not available. It has an added advantage over the solar system in that it takes shorter time to charge batteries fully, power output is much greater and can generate power at night or during cloudy and rainy days. In order to meet customer requirements we have a range from (10W-100W).

    Product feature

    1. Generates power even at low wind speeds.
    2. Intelligent controller preventing over discharging and overcharging.
    3. Most advanced panel technology.
    4. Gel batteries with long life span.
    5. The pole is long enough to give the turbine access to uninterrupted wind flow and enable the lights to light up a wide area.
    6. Bright LED lamp that is dust proof and water proof.


    These are systems that use the most advanced panel technology to harness free energy fro the sun to generate electricity. They have little or no maintenance costs. In order to meet our customer requirements we have a range from 10w-100w.

    Product feature

    1. Fitted with most advanced and efficient solar panel technology.
    2. It uses gel batteries that provide smooth flow of power and have longer life span.
    3. Intelligent controllers are used to prevent over discharging, overcharging and to switch on/off the lamp automatically.
    4. The pole is high to enable the panels receive uninterrupted sunlight.
    5. The lamps are dust proof, water proof and bright LEDs.



    This are street lights in which is complete with the panel at the top, the lamp at the bottom of the panel, they have inbuilt lithium batteries and controllers.



     Product features

    1. It comes with remote control to program.
    2. Security features including motion detection.
    3. Inbuilt lithium battery which takes short time to charge and with low temperature protection which discharges the battery in case of overheating
    4. Most advanced solar panel technology.
    5. Intelligent controller with intelligent power modes enabling it to adjust the power output to maximize on the battery run time.

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