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    Solar Heating Systems


    When engaged by our customers, we evaluate suitable solutions from amongst the many heating options at our disposal. Our solar heating systems comprising of evacuated glass-tube collectors, are specifically designed and manufactured to suit tropical climate. The systems has well insulated and cladded stainless steel tanks, and digital temperature controllers/indicators easily readable at the convenience of the customer. The customer can choose between non-pressure or pressurized systems for direct and indirect heating respectively, and are tolerant to certain water qualities. Each design comes in capacities from 150,180,200 and 300 litres with multiples tubes for effective heating. Whatever ones choice, the design quality resonates with our class of customers who appreciate value through cost effectiveness, quality, reliability and durability.

    For commercial and industrial bulk water heating for learning institutions, hotels, hospitals and industrial manufacturers, we work our customers through the design, specifications and sizing process

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