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    Plenser Boilers


    Plenser boilers are suitable for middle-level institutions that are looking into lowering operational costs. Our boilers can be used for boiling water as well as cooking purposes. They are efficient boilers that use charcoal, brickets and firewood which are readily and easily available. Plenser boilers are made of robust materials which make them highly durable.

    We have two boilers;

    Biomass Boilers – These are suitable for institutions that have water requirements of up to 15,000 Litres per day for example big schools. Biomass boilers can use brickets, firewood and charcoal.

    Boiler Jiko – These can be used for both water heating and cooking simultaneously. Boiler jikos are designed to use firewood. They can be used in small schools, hospitals and hotels where population is not more than 500. They can also be used in homes.

    To place an order or enquire more information about Plenser Boilers, you can reach us through:

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    Email: info@plenser.com

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