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    Waste incineration is the process by which hazardous and general wastes are systemically burnt under controlled combustion process so as to completely destroy the hazards in the waste and drastically reduce its volume. Plenser has partnered with Todaysure Matthews, a renowned UK manufacturer of Surefire Waste incinerator products of which we are the Africa agents. Over the years, Surefire waste incinerators have evolved so as to align to the ever-changing, stringent environmental pollution regulations across the globe.

    With such a partnership and nearly 20 years in incinerator and boiler business, we match innovative technologies to regulatory requirements, meticulously guiding our customers through environmental compliance processes. All our incinerators meet international environmental compliance standards and are approved by NEMA. Our customer base cuts across Manufacturing and processing industries, hospitals, learning facilities and hotels, all keen on proper waste disposal processes in compliance with the law.

    Value Add in Waste Incineration

    Owning an incinerator today is not just about waste incineration. As early adopters of emerging technologies and in line with value addition strategy for our customers, we at Plenser have developed a robust, highly efficient hot water system that harnesses waste heat from waste incinerators. Thus even with the smallest Surefire model, our customers are guaranteed sufficient supply of hot water throughout the day. This kind of waste heat recovery is a green energy concept besides being a sure way to drastically cut down on cost of energy. A visit to our North Airport Road workshop will demonstrate to you just how this works and why there is much more value to own and operate a waste incinerator.

    Besides offering quality incineration products, Plenser is reputed for excellent after sales service and technical support. We have the most experienced, well trained and motivated technical team that can work on any type, make or model of waste incinerators in the region. We stock most of the spares needed for replacement on waste incinerators hence our customers do not require to stock up the same. In short, with Plenser, no waste incinerator should be out of service for more than 24 hours! None at all!

    Our incinerator range, by capacity:

    Series Capacity
    TS25 25 kg per hour
    TS30 30 kg per hour
    TS50 50 kg per hour
    TS75 75 kg per hour
    TS100 100 kg per hour
    TS150 150 kg per hour
    TS200 200 kg per hour
    TS500 500 kg per hour


    Among our other incineration products include ultra-modern human cremators that are decently designed with elaborate aesthetic finishes, but whose design can be manipulated to suit cultural, religious or any other requirements.

    Then there are animal cremators suitable for pet cremations, veterinary research centres and abattoirs. The design features provide for complete annihilation of the deceased carcasses within stipulated time, without smoke or odour thereby ensuring hygienic disposal of hazardous animal wastes.  With our 100 years of Matthews Group existence and experience in cremation equipment, coupled with our technical expertise and experience, it’s rewarding working with Plenser who give you access to global tested and proven cremation technologies.

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