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    High End Hot & Steam Boilers

    The right boiler in the right heating system could save you up to Ksh 59,300 a year on your energy bills. As a leader in the boiler supply, installation and commissioning, Plenser Ltd offers boilers from Ivar Industries in Italy and By worth boilers in the UK made to the European standards with capacities ranging from 0.1-100 ton with pressure up to 9.81MPa / 98.1bar; the boilers are industrial and commercial steam boiler, hot water boilers and biomass boilers. Our boilers use flexible fuels – heavy oil, diesel, wood or chips. They are widely used in industry process steam and hot water providing – food processing, hotel, heating, steel industry, textile industry, paper mill, building material, etc.

    We incorporate heat recovery systems (economizers) on our boilers that recover heat and thereby reduce the operational cost of the boiler and increases the lifespan of the equipment.


      Saku Business Park


     +254 (0) 700 128 141


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