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    Waste Management Solutions:

    Plenser Limited prides itself in being the pioneer and leader in waste management in the region. In keeping with this noble championship, it is in our scheme to make waste management as accessible to the industrial, manufacturing and horticultural sectors as possible, and in a way that is cost effective to the consumer of our services. Our business model is strategically aligned to supporting an ever growing population that is constantly in need of waste management. For us to set our footprint in the larger African space, we offer centralized waste management solutions in a manner that does not necessarily cause huge financial outlays to our customers.

    Consultancy in Waste Management:

    We provide waste management equipment in Kenya and the region. We continue to offer waste management consultancy services to our customers in training and assessment of relevant waste management technologies. We train waste incinerator operators and equipment maintenance personnel.


      Saku Business Park


     +254 (0) 700 128 141


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