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    Air Pollution Control Systems(Scrubbers)

    Incineration of biomedical waste is a global necessity hence continuous innovation and improvement in air quality management systems is critical to meet the ever changing, stringent compliance requirements to regulations.Plenser Ltd together with our UK and American partners have incorporated air pollution control wet scrubbers in our incinerators whenever demanded by our customers. These are necessary for particulate removal and elimination of gaseous metal products from the flue gas stream, and come is simple to more sophisticated wet scrubbers.
    Importance of Air Pollution Control Systems(Scrubbers)

    • To remove air pollutants emitted during the incineration process
    • To neutralize gases that may otherwise corrode the chimney
    • To trap particulate matter or fly as resultant from incineration
    • To minimize fire and explosion hazards.

    Why do you need Air Pollution Control Systems(Scrubbers)

    • To reduce costs often incurred in monitoring emissions.
    • For environmental protection.
    • To comply with the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act (EMCA Act 2006).

    To place an order or enquire more information about scrubbers, you can reach us through:
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    Email: info@new.plenser.com
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